The world’s only 100% free, 100% fast and 100% anonymous VPN


80 Server Locations

We currently have more than 80 server locations in major cities around the world, and we are constantly expanding our services by adding new locations every month


Defeat ISP Throttling

ISPs don’t always operate with complete transparency and may actually reduce your bandwidth in some cases!


Unlimited Bandwidth

Forget about the upload or download limits imposed by other VPN providers. Urban Free VPN allows unlimited bandwidth.


Unlock Any Website

Today, anyone has a secure broadband connection and full access to any website or application they want. Or maybe not?


Unlimited Devices

You can enjoy incredibly fast, secure and private connections from any number of devices, just like this


Anonymous Browsing

You can enjoy a fast, secure connection without any third party knowing your true identity or being able to track you down.

Urban VPN is free for non-commercial use and will remain so

Urban VPN is powered by the Urban VPNr community. All of our users help each other unblock the Internet by sharing their network resources.

We take great care to protect your privacy, security and personal information, please review our Privacy Policy.

You can uninstall Urban-VPN and opt out of our network at any time, but we will miss you very much!

Free VPN for Windows

With server locations in over 80 countries worldwide, Urban VPN offers you completely free, private and secure Internet browsing compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Free Android VPN

Completely free, completely fast and completely anonymous. Enjoy encrypted and private browsing on your Android phone with the Urban VPN app for Google-based devices.

Free Mac VPN

Urban VPN for macOS is easy to install and helps you get encrypted, private browsing and unlimited bandwidth for free. Manage it with an easy-to-use app to surf the web with complete freedom.

Free PC/Laptop VPN

With a quick and easy installation, Urban VPN for PC features encryption, private browsing, and unlimited bandwidth, all managed through a user-friendly application. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Free Unblock Proxy

Block your IP address and select a new IP from a large pool of global addresses and enjoy unlimited Internet browsing on previously inaccessible sites with a single mouse click.

Free iPhone VPN

Access a fully encrypted, private Internet experience with just one tap on your iPhone. Urban VPN is free, fast and compatible with iOS.



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